In January 2019 I visited phuket again from delhi, India. This was my second visit to phuket which just after my 20 days when I visited during Cristmas in 2018. I love to travel solo so to add another destination in my portfolio I preffered to experience phuket once more just because during my last visit I was not able to explore what I thought I could.

As few of the new flights are being started from India with major metros like Delhi, Mumbai and Banglore. The destination phuket is now one of the immersing location of Thailand. It took about 5 Hours for me to travel from India to phuket. The flight was in night at about 12:00 so I reached phuket at about 6:00 in the morning. Everthing was not as planned as others do I just booked my first day Hotel and thought to make other Hotel stay and siteseeing while reaching phuket. I had another post in which I had mentioned about things which I missed and are must to plan before going to phuket which you can read from here. As in this post I will be discussing about phuket nightlife as solo traveller so the topics which i will cover in this post will be from the part where nightlife starts and before that whatever I did to plan my stay or where to stay in phuket or what are the places we can visit for siteseeing in phuket can be read in other post of mine.

Phuket is well known between indians about the nightlife and that nightlife can be only experienced when you reach phuket. The day begins in night. The place which is very common for tourist to visit is the Bangla road where you will find lots of couples and girls and guys roaming on the street. The road has some popular Disco clubs which are safe to visit but that does not means that its safe for you to meet anyone there. Till you do not talk with anyone there its safe but one should take care of talking to anyone with few things to remember which I will discuss later in this post.