What is a Fixed Departure Fare

Many times you might have thought that some travel agency might have pre-purchased some flight tickets for a destination like Goa, Kerala or any other tourist destination. Yes, it is true Agencies book flight tickets in advance for the groups they want to take on selected dates. These fares are called Fixed Departures flight fares.

Fixed Departure Flight Fare is a fare in which is helpful when you think that the days when you want to travel are the peak time of travel. You have limited options to book a flight ticket or the flight fare is very high during this time of travel. You can book your seats in advance for “Fixed Departures“. But there are also some limitations in booking a fixed departure fare.

The Fixed Departures Fare can be booked at least 8 days in advance.  After that, the bookings of Fixed Departures are closed and the names can not be entered between 7 days of travel.

The fares provided for fixed departure is non-refundable fare. The traveller has to make his mind before that the full cancellation charge will be charged in case the ticket is cancelled.

There are other major terms and conditions which you need to follow for a booking a ticket for fixed departure fare. But for the same, you have to read our complete terms and condition of fixed departure fare. You can read the same by clicking here.

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