Today, Travel Agency has changed a lot in India. Now, the travel agencies no longer just inform the customer about the availability of the flights, their schedule, issue the ticket and get commission from the airline. Now with the online travel agency software, customers can book online and also get commission on each booking which they use on another travel services. That’s why most of the people use online booking to get cash back and other travel offers. To Start Your travel business register yourself at

Journeydeal offers online travel software open new doors for travel agencies to maximize their profit through commission on each confirm booking. You can work on different travel related services like customized package tours, holiday packages, Airline Tickets, hotel packages etc., to earn commission. You can work on your own or for another agency. Once you link with Journeydeal you can specialize in Airline Ticketing, leisure travel, business travel or many other travel sectors. You select your sector and then you can start your own travel agency build your feet in this with your niche offerings.

Journreydeal focus on what they best can offer to their clients which make them successful in this Industry. Journeydeal offers best hotels in a specific geography, top sightseeing and transfer tours. Journeydeal give you personalized service. This will make us as a more reliable agency and will feel more secure during their travel. Your customers should feel confident that you will arrange everything possible for them like hire a car, find their favorite cuisine, and so on.

To expand online travel business in India, one of the best ways to start off is to create a travel portal. It is online information and booking system specially designed for travel management companies, B2B travel agncies, B2C travel agencies etc.

As today travellers are looking for fast, convenient, technological and cost effective approach to meet their travelling needs, companies can also get the advantage of economies of scale as their services are available and can be accessed by larger number of people with real time information in hand.

Journeydeal provides online portal on which we give you login id and password which helps you to create your account and enjoy cash back for each booking. Journeydeal provide you cash back on each booking which you can use on other travel related services. Journeydeal Company has good experience in this field and is professional in delivering advanced technology solutions for Travel Portal websites and applications.

Journeydeal offers you to connect and established travel agency that is taking on agents as independent contractors.  Journeydeal will provide you the tools which help you to start building your client base and earning commission by online booking.  Journeydeal provide professional services to all agencies whether they are huge or small. If you’re unsure of how to get started a small agency that can provide one-on-one training and assistance then Journeydeal is the best option for you. Some require fees to join and others want to take a percentage of commission to help cover the agency costs. So, Journeydeal provide both options for you to get commission on each booking. Commission is paid on each booking, so sometimes you’ll work really hard on a booking and commission is depending on how long when you book your clients to travel.  Other times you’ll do all the work and they’ll end up booking elsewhere or not booking at all– or booking and then canceling before travel.  Either way, you’re out the commission and did all that work with nothing to show for it.  Because of this, some agents choose to charge a service fee to ensure they are receiving pay for their hard work.  You and your host agency can decide what is best for your business plan.

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